World Kindergarten Project

2019 - 2020

The aim of the project is to collect information about English teaching methods, strategies and techniques used in kindergartens around the world. And what is the most important: to share our teaching experience and improve our work!

We are the English teachers in kindergartens. Our purpose is to teach English… but we teach not only the language!

Our English classes are the special time to play, have fun and develop the child’s personality. Children are the learners with open minds … They are curious and have their own exceptional motivation to learn! No matter where they live.

Does teaching English to kids look the same in different countries? Does the culture influence the way we teach and learn? Does the climate determine it? Let’s share our experience! Let’s share our best ideas and practices!

I work not only as a teacher in kindergarten but also as a teacher trainer at the university. At the University I conduct the research on how children learn. I work with numbers and statistics but the most important on my academic way is to meet people. Wonderful educators and their little students!

The project’s idea is that I would like to meet you in your kindergarten, see how you work and tell you about our Polish ways of teaching English to kids!

Let’s meet in France, Italy, China, Cambodia or Brazil!

I will be able to visit some of the kindergartens involved in the project in person and I really can’t wait to see you!

In some other cases you will receive the invitation by e-mail to take part in the project and you will get the form to fill in.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write

The project finished in 2020. It was wonderful to meet you and see how you live and work!

Thank you for everything!

Love, Margaret